Caixas Serie Deluxe

Model     Material               Capacity         Dimensions

500         PP clear, black
     425 ml           137x137x45

500 TR    PP clear
                        flat lid    137x137x10

500 TA     PP clear
                   dome lid    137x137x20

Model    Material                  Capacity        Dimensions

510           PP clear, black
     560 ml            137x137x60

500 TR    PP clear
                       flat lid      137x137x10

500 TA    PP clear
                  dome lid      137x137x20

Model   Material                     Capacity      Dimensions

600      PP clear, black 
PET   750 ml         156x156x60

600 TR   PP clear, PET               flat lid      156x156x10

600 TA   PP clear, PET          dome lid      156x156x20

Model   Material                    Capacity       Dimensions

7000     PP clear, black        380 ml          207x143x27

7000 T  PP clear                   dome lid      207x143x22

Model   Material                     Capacity      Dimensions

7100   PP clear, black           520 ml          207x143x37

7000 T  PP clear
                    dome lid     207x143x22

Model    Material                    Capacity                                  Dimensions

7115   PP clear, black     520 ml, 2 compartments 60/40     207x143x37

7115 T  PP clear
         2 compartment lid                               207x143x22

Model     Material                     Capacity      Dimensions

8000   PP clear, black
    770 ml                  235x145x40

8000 TR PP clear
                     flat lid         235x145x10

8000 TM PP clear
                 medium         235x145x21

8000 TA   PP clear
               dome lid         235x145x45

Model      Material                    Capacity                                      Dimensions

8010     PP clear, black
   600 ml, 2 compartments 25/75           235x145x35

8010 T  PP clear             2 compartment lid                                 235x145x21

Model      Material                    Capacity                                       Dimensions

8015    PP clear, black    630 ml, 2 compartments 50/50           235x145x35

8015 T   PP clear             2 compartment lid                                235x145x20

Model     Material                      Capacity                                       Dimensions

8020   PP clear, black
   595 ml, 3 compartments                        235x145x35

8020 T  PP clear            3 compartment lid                                 235x145x21

Model     Material                      Capacity        Dimensions

9000    PP clear, black   1.040 ml                    260x185x40

9000 TR  PP clear
                  flat lid                260x185x10

9000 TM   PP clear
        medium lid                260x185x35

9000 TD    PP clear
   dome lid with 2 vents   260x185x82

Model     Material                      Capacity                 Dimensions

9100   PP clear, black
 965 ml, 2 compartments     260x185x40

9100 T     PP clear         2 compartments lid           260x185x25

Model      Material                    Capacity                  Dimensions

9200     PP clear, black  930 ml, 3 compartments  260x185x40

9200 T PP clear
                   3 compartment lid      260x185x25

Model     Material                     Capacity                                                             Dimensions

9500    PP clear, black Roaster base
combo box (includes lid with vents)  245x192x45, 245x192x80

Model    Material                      Capacity                  Dimensions

SO 500  PP clear, black, white
   500 ml                 diam 150

SO 500T PP clear
      flat lid w/vent

Model    Material                       Capacity                  Dimensions

SO 1000 PP clear, black, white
   1000 ml               diam 180

SO 1000 T   PP clear
     flat lid w/vent